Andrew Dexel

'many faces of medicine', acrylic on canvas 30 by 40 inches, 2007 Andrew Dexel beaver with 'xoyotiya' graffiti, acrylic on canvas 24 by 48 inches 'a spiritual path, dream time warrior' acrylic on canvas 36 by 36 inches
'Thunder beans, and Re-birthing the Heyoka', acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 2009 'colour city', 48 by 48 inches, spray paint and acrylic Enpaauk (Andrew Dexel), Transformation 3' x 4' Spring 200, photograph by Henri Robideau Enpaauk (Andrew Dexel), Gratitude 4' x 6' Spring 2008, photograph by Henri Robideau
'Under One Sun', 36' by 36',  this piece has a bear and eagle under the sun this piece was commissioned by a dear friend in loving memory of her son


a young artist from the Nlakapamux Nation. His painting style mixes graffiti style with Coast Salish design creating figurative and abstract images that speak to resistance and renewal. His beginnings as a graffiti artist is central to his style and since his switch from walls to canvas three years ago he has brought this energy from the streets into his paintings. His work was featured in Kamloops Art Gallery's exhibition Shazam earlier this year and he also had the pleasure doing a solo show titled, "Gratitude" at Vancouvers Grunt Gallery. his work is also featured at the Native Winds Gallery in Honolulu and has been published in Blood Lines, Redwire, Brunt Magazine.

Artist Statement

My work relates my spiritual path; my journey. I express the inspiration lovingly given to me through teachings and stories from my elders and mentors. My work embodies the powerful visions that I have been given through these teachings. I am grateful.


An interview with artist Andrew Dexel conducted by Tania Willard filmed on location of Native Youth Artist Collective workshops at the WISE Hall Vancouver BC, 2009.
Video courtesy Lisa Jackson

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