Rose Simpson

Cold Hard Truth, 2007, 36x24 inches, Spraypaint, Acrylic, paintmarker on canvas Ode to My Nose Ring, 2007, 48x24 inches, Spraypaint on canvas Aware, 2005, 60x48 inches, Spraypaint and paint marker on canvas Bad, 2006, 15x12.5 inches, sharpie and paper collage
Urban-nite, 2001, 14x11 inches, sharpie on Bristol paper I Shall Call Her Freedom, 2008, 24X20 inches, Sharpie and spraypaint on Bristol paper Pueblo Butterfly, 2005, 14X11 inches Sharpie on Bristol paper Same Horizons, 2000, 14X11 inches Sharpie on Bristol paper
Four Healing Elements, 2006, 14x24 inches, Sharpie on Bristol paper, commission for Santa Clara Pueblo Summer Youth Conference Move, 2000, 24X14, Sharpie on Bristol


Daughter of clay sculptor Roxanne Swentzell and Patrick Simpson, a wood and metal contemporary artist, Rose has experienced art throughout her life in Santa Fe and on the Santa Clara Pueblo Reservation. Being of both Indigenous and European descent, with art and philosophy primary in both families, she pursues her pure expression of truth through ceramic sculpture, drawing, printmaking, writing, music, and dance.

After studying at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM, she received a BFA in Studio Arts in 2007.

In her short career she has been able to participate in many shows, including the annual “Pop Life” events around the nation curated by Apache skateboard artist Douglas Miles. In the summer of 2006 she participated in Relations; Indigenous Dialogue, an exhibition at the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum in Santa Fe, NM, featured in Art In America magazine. She, Nora Naranjo-Morse and Eliza Naranjo Morse were a collaborative art team and the only New Mexico artists chosen to participate in the 2008 SITE Santa Fe Biennial, a global invitational exhibit. In the fall of 2009 she will be attending the Rhode Island School of Design Ceramic Grad Program.

Artist Statement

Expression is a boil-over of soul, a reflection to learn from. I find my way with expressive sonar, I beep; it bounces and returns to me. I am pursuing truth. When I finish a piece, I let it tell me a story, then pick up some more clay.

Un-learning my conventionalized existence becomes an opportunity for change. My relationship with this understanding is being intuitively re-analyzed and transformed into a positive manifestation. This journey will be our survival as humans with this beautiful Earth.